Greg Singer


We put Greig, currently the leading salesperson in the Giltrap AgriZone Group, under the spotlight this month.


1. How are you involved with the Giltrap product?

I immigrated to New Zealand in 2004, after 25 years of agricultural contracting in Scotland. I initially worked for Truebridge Contracting in Turangi, but moved to Giltrap Agrizone in 2009 when Andrew Giltrap was looking for a product demonstrator for the Giltrap AgriZone Group. It wasn’t long before my product knowledge meant I was in sales.


2. What has been your experience with the after sales support provided by Giltrap Engineering?

I’ve found if there is an issue, one call and it gets sorted. It’s so much easier to sell a product knowing there is a great team behind it and Giltrap’s response time to any issues is second to none.


3. What three words would you use to best describe the Giltrap product?

Innovative, reliable and well serviced.